Party for the Weekend - DU8SHOW Episode 14 (Electro Set)!

Red Carnaval by Cheboboh (

Electro-heads, get ready for the DU8SHOW Episode 14 lined with some great high-energy club tracks to move your waist for the weekend.  It's been a while since I threw down some Electro and today is going to be a special treat.

Starting the mix is an amazing Calvin Harris tune going by the name of Colors.  Then, we start up with MSTRKRFT's Street Justice rework, Data's amazing Aerius Light (picked from Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2011), Deadmau5's dirty electro rub of Afterhours featuring some naughty talk from Melleefresh, a Gabriel Castellon edit of a Jorengsen tune called Dadadisco, an NVG remix of a Thomas Gold and Erik Smax track called House Arrest, and rework of an old disco song called Sunshine Day by the Bodybangers.

Other notable artists and remixers include Far Too Loud, Wolfgang Gartner, Discount Rhinos, Porter Robinson, Roman Pushkin, Spencer and Hill, and finally, I had to end it off with a little old-school re-rubbing of the classic house hit, Diamond Life feat. Julie McKnight ignited with an epic Prydz instrumental that'll sure to close the mix off right.

Enjoy this mix for an exciting upcoming and stay tuned as I'm going to be announcing some big changes coming to both the DU8SHOW Podcast as well as the blog.  Enjoy!

the DU8SHOW Podcast mixed by diplomatico - Episode 14 (Electro Set) - September 2011

Genre: Electro, Electro House

Length:  56:50
Size: 152MB
Rate: 320kps

Download Link:


1.Calvin Harris - Colors
2.Metallica - Street Justice (MSTRKRFT Mix)
3.  Data - Aerius Light K(Kitsune DJ Friendly Mix)
4.  Deadmau5 feat. Melleefresh - Afterhours (Electro House Mix)
5.  Jesse Voorn, Jorgensen - Dadadisco (Gabriel Castellon Remix)
6.  Erik Smax and Thomas Gold - House Arrest (NVG Believe In Electro Mix)
7.  Bodybangers - Sunshine Day (Original Mix)
8.  Far Too Loud - Banana Boy (Original Mix)
9.  Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (Extended Mix)
10. Ryan Murgatroyd - Funk Country (Discount Rhinos Remix)
11. Porter Robinson - Say My Name (Original Mix)
12. Taurus & Vaggeli - Numatic (Roman Pushkin Electro House Mix)
13. Spencer & Hill - Sunbeam (Original Mix)
14. Pryda and Julie McKnight - Diamond Life (Anthony Carzola's Remix)

Revolution House: DU8SHOW Episode 13 - Latin Revolution Set!

michon is a cherry darling by L4K (

Hey everyone, the arrival of the next DU8SHOW, Episode 13 is bringing another sweet latin mix.  I've compiled some of the best dancing, underground latin house from DJ Sneak, Alan Barratt, Armand van Helden and Louis Vega.  Those who know their house will feel right at home with this set.  Also, there are some great remixes by Blaze, David Pacheco as well some sweet DJ Sneak remix salsa action happening.  Summer is almost coming to a close here in Toronto but we're still having beautiful weather and surely, a lasting latin house set will keep us city party people kicking into September.

Like a Wasp by Gartier (

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 13 (Latin Revolution Set) - August 2011

Genre: Latin House
Length: 66:59
Size: 153 MB
Rate: 320kps

Download Link:

1.  DJ Sneak - Salsa Elektrika (Chuck Daniels Sals Esqueroso Remix)
2.  Latin All Stars - Gypsy Chant
3.  Alan Barratt - Latin Love (Back Room Mix)
4.  DJ Spinna & Shaun Escoffery - Music In Me (Blaze Remix)
5.  Michel Cleis feat. Toto La Momposina
6.  DJ Sneak and DJ Soydan - Carazon
7.  Ercy Mirage & Eddie Amador - My Rise In The World (David Pacheco Bootleg)
8.  Kid Massive - Te Queiro (Blacksoul Vocal Mix)
9.  Armand van Helden feat. Mita - Entre Mi Casa (Remix)
10. Pirates of the Caribbean - Rumba (Club Mix)
11. Louis Vega & Lil. Louis pres. Lou2 - Freaky (The Bar Heads Mix)

Latin House Jam: the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 12 - Legacy Set!

Beyond_Beautiful_by_Silent_Colour (
Hey House Lovers, as the long weekend comes to a close, I've come to bring you a special set with some amazing house tracks that are sure to get you moving for the next long while.  Legacy Sets don't come around all that often but when they do, they are in great demand and they're always keepers.  Today's mix is no exception.

Some of the tracks I had to dig deep down inside the archive to put together but it didn't take very long before everything was mixed up and sounding like heaven!  I'm bringing some interesting old-skool Latin-house tracks like Afro-Cube's Sugar Cane; Bajo Mix, A Mijangos Latin House mix of Joe Arroyo's La Toruga, Fiasco's Las Mujeres (Salsa fans should recognize this one), a crazy Axwell remix of Louie Vega's Dance Ritual, DJ Sneak's bread-and-butter classic beats with Salsa Elektrika, as well as two sweet Yoruba Mixes of Ben Westbeech's So Good Today and Bah Samba's Tired Lil' One.

In addition, I also had to bring in a great classic house track by Robert Owens mixed by Filsonik called Deep Down; really nice tune. In closing, I threw in a beautiful retro track by Pamela Joy called Think Fast as a cooldown with infectious vocals.

This set is sure to please and make you move.  Diplomatico plays the best in house with the DU8SHOW Podcast so stay tuned throughout the summer we will be releasing bringing new sets as well as re-posts of previously popular Episodes.  Enjoy!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 12 (Legacy Set) - May 2011

Redrive_by_souloff (

Genre: House, Classic House, Latin house, Retro
Time: 49:14
Rate: 320kps

Download Link:


1.  Ben Westbeech - So Good Today (Yoruba Soul Remix)
2.  Global Communication - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
3.  Afro-Cube - Sugar Cane (Bajo Mix)
4.  Joe Arroyo - LA Toruga (Mijangos Latin House Remix)
5.  Fiasco - La Mujeres (The Women)
6.  DJ Sneak - Salsa Elektrika (Original Mix)
7.  Louis Vega - Dance Ritual (Axwell Remix)
8.  Robert Owens - Deep Down (Filsonik Remix)
9.  Bah Samba - Tired Lil One (Yoruba Soul Mix)

Bonus Track - Pamela Joy - Think Fast

Party for the Weekend: the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 11's Opening and Main Sets!

Meant_to_dance__by_talondalus (

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a great weekend because it's going to get a lot better.  Today, I'm dropping both the opening and main sets for the DU8SHOW's 11th Podcast.  It's a bread-and-butter two-parter that has a beautiful mix of tracks throughout.

While the opening set is great for texture at the beginning of the night, the main set has a mix of truly nice house vocally tracks but with a dash of deep house elements.  Remixes come in the way of Pepe Braddock, Smokin' Beats, Yoruba, and Soul Minority.  The one track that I put at the very end is a long-time favorite by Arvid with Ernesto (from Ernesto VS Sebastian) called 'Try'.  It's a beautiful track remixed by Landshark who touches the track with a nice afterhours vibe to it.

All around great sets, easy listening.  I'm already hard at work with the offerings for Episode 12 which is sure to please.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the visitors from all over the world showing their support.  I really and truly appreciate it and I'd like to give a shout out to all the DU8SHOW fans listening in Belgium, United States, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Peru, Egypt, Greece, Japan and Singapore!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 11 (Opening Set) - May 2011

Genre: Commercial and Funky House
Time: 44:05
Rate: 320kps

Download Link:

Playlist available upon request.

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 11 (Main Set) - May 2011

Genre: Commercial House
Time: 56:55
Rate: 320kps

Download Link:


1.  Jerk House Connection feat. Kitto - A Short Story (Original)
2.  Jazztronik - Dentro Mi Alma (Yoruba Soul Remix)
3.  Alexander East - Make U My Own (Aqualung's Sista)
4.  IZ & DIZ - Mouth (Pepe Braddock Mix)
5.  Global Communication - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
6.  The Jinks feat. Zodiac - Like Music (Dub Mix)
7.  Sebastian Davidson - Gaze (Soul Minority Deep Mix)
8.  Smokin' Beats feat. C. Hinds - Lady
9.  Arvid feat. Ernesto - Try (Landshark Remix)

Image Credits: Pixy_Club_by_raquel_pellicano and Hed_Kandi_Girl_by_kingbuzzster ( 

Feed Your Soul: the DU8SHOW Podcast Deep House Sessions!

unknown by unknown (
Welcome to a special edition of the DU8SHOW Podcast where I'm bringing some really great deep house.  It is an acquired taste though Deep House is easily the most accessible of all the styles of house.  The soothing vocal work fused with infectious kick and bass lines, it's hard to say no to a relaxing set of deep house.  Enjoy!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast (Deep House Sessions) - May 2011.mp3

disco sparks black by blackbastet (

Format: MP3
Rate: 320kps
Genre: Deep House
Download Link:

Playlist available upon request.

House Music Essentials: DU8SHOW Podcast Ep. 10 (Opening Dubs Set)!

let's groove tonight by innocent greed (

Hey everyone, today I'm going to be dropping the second set from Episode 10's show with a beautiful opening set. They are mostly vocal and straight-up dub-tracks on various vinyls. It's a great set and it's sure to please the house lovers out there, Enjoy!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 10 (Opening Dubs Set)

Format: MP3
Rate: 320kps
Genre: House
Time: 63:10
Download Link:

Disco_Fever_Girl by CallieCreations (

Summer Beats in the Mix with DU8SHOW Episode 10 Latin House Sessions!

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting once again for another great episode of the DU8SHOW Podcast.  Since the weather is getting nicer in our fine city of Toronto, I bring you the marquee diplomatico sound: Latin House!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 10 (Latin House Sessions)
Format: MP3
Rate: 320kps
Time: 55:54
Download Link:


1.  Track Masters - Basement Jam (Wayne Gardiner's Club Mix)
2.  Me and Him - Latin Quarter
3.  Wayne Gardiner - In The Mood (Christian Hornbostel Mix)
4.  Ismael Rivas - Piletek (Original Mix)
5.  Groove Express - La Candela (Loko Mix)
6.  Bnzo - Panda
7.  DJ Jeronski - Sabrosura (Latin Mix)
8.  Amorhous feat. Sabreetha - Respect (Classic Vocal Mix)
9.  Shawn Christopher - Don't Lose The Magic (Bobby Blanco Remix)

House Jam with the DU8SHOW Underground Sessions!

Green Pearls by Jack C. Gregory (

A little surprise for those who love a smooth house sessions care of yours truly!  Download, listen and enjoy!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast (Underground Sessions) - March 2011
Genre: House
320k MP3 - 97.06MB
Time: 42:24

Download Link:

Note: Sorry no playlist available!

Party for the Weekend! the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 9 (Cassette Edition)!

Electro New Style (unknown source)

Hey Everyone, going into this weekend the DU8SHOW Podcast drops some essential house goodness. Episode 9's DU8SHOW is called the Cassette Edition because the original version was made for a physical cassette which was a limited promo. I might make more if there are enough requests because they're an amazing bit of nostalgia to fuse with the new house sounds.

Moving right along - we have a sweet melding of electro tracks with some familiar throwbacks to classic house remixes like a PHAT Daft Punk's One More Time a la House Moguls, Black Legend's You See The Trouble With Me' on a rare ATFC re-lick and of course, nothing says classic with a little shaker that we know as 'Women Beat Their Men' mastered by legend Cevin Fisher.

Of course, we have some tried and tested club electro tracks from Peter Gelderblom, The Miami Project reviving 'Another One Bites the Dust', a massive Gregor Salto Ibiza anthem 'Erasmus', a couple of Deadmau5 hits, and a cool mash of a rare tune called Can't Let You Go, a Fio track remixed masterfully.

Enjoy the show and keep checking for upcoming mixes in the coming weeks!

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 9 (Cassette Edition)

Genre - Electro House
Time: 59:37
320k MP3 - 136.71MB

Download Link:

1. Black Legend - You See The Trouble With Me (ATFC's Paralytic Mix)
2. Peter Gelderblom - Dirty *NSFW*
3. Queen VS The Miami Project - Another One Bites The Dust (DJ Pedro and Oliver Berger Mix)
4. Deadmau5 VS Melleefresh - Attention Whore (Phil Chanel Remix)
5. Nick Supply feat. Tasha - That Bounce Track (Hot Mouth Remix)
6. Gregor Salto - Erasmus (Gregor's Vocal Mix)
7. Submission - Women Beat Their Men (Cevin Fisher Dub)
8. Khassino VS Romina Johns - Moving Too Fast 2009 (Hagenaar & Albrecht Mix)
9. Sunrider - The Music's Got Me (Electro Mix)
10. Fio - Can't Let You Go (Dave Ramone VS Niels Van Gogh Dub Remix)
11. Daft Punk - One More Time (The House Moguls 2007 Remix)
12. Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade - I Remember (Original Vocal Mix)

First Mixes of 2011 - DU8SHOW Podcasts Episode 7 and 8: Essential Sets!

Vector Dj girl illustrator by vectorrobot (

House lovers, welcome back!  It's been a long time coming and for the start of 2011 the DU8SHOW is bring in the famous diplomatico Essential Sets with just about everything to get you started with the podcasts.  We're pleased to bring you the DU8SHOW Episodes 7 and 8 today featuring some of the best artists and remixers around.  For those who have been keeping up with the show over the years, you already know what these are all about.

For episode 7, I've brought some great tracks including Kathy Brown's Dare Me, Milk and Sugar's Jezabel and even brought back a big Inner City favorite, Good Life (a la Mark Knight remix).  Remixers such as Seamus and Haji, Mark Knight and Martinj ten Velden, Gregor Salto, Belocca and Soneec and even Ashley Beedle bring the smooth grooves into play for this.  A definite crowd pleasure.

Dance by nesto (

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 7 (Essential Set) - January 2011
Time: 59:13
Genre - House
Download Link:


1.  Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel - Take Me Away (Vocal Mix)
2.  Pray for More feat. Latasha Jordan - Shame (Belocca and Soneec Vocal Mix)
3.  Milk and Sugar - Jezebel  (Terrace Mix)
4.  Wawa feat. Fabal - Zombrita (Wawa Dub Mix)
5.  Mark Knight feat. Katherine Ellis - Insatiable (MTV and MK Dub Mix)
6.  Ian Carey and Mochico feat. Miss Bunty - Say What You Want
7.  Kathy Brown VS Miami Calling - Dare Me (Hoxton Whores Vocal Mix)
8.  Inner City - Good Life (Mark Knight Mix)
9.  Axwell feat. Marc - I Found U (Gregor Salto and DJ Madskillz Remix)
10. Armand van Helden - My My My (Ashley Beeble New York Pace Remix)

For Episode 8, the electro infusion is in full effect with some of the my trademark mixes from some amazing artists and remixers for this essential set is sure to bring a little step in your flow.  With tracks from Joi Cardwell, Bob Sinclair, LCD Soundsystem, Kaskade and Richard Dinsadale; you can't go wrong!  Also, we have remixing talents from Starkillers, Austin Leeds, Mylo, Rene Amesz, Patric La Funk, Mark Knight, and even Dirty South, this set is sure to be a keeper.

afro hair rullaz by yasemins (

diplomatico - the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 8 (Essential Set) - January 2011
Time: 4715
Genre - Electro House
Download Link:


1.  Joi Cardwell - Keep Coming Around (Starkillers & Austin Leeds 'NYC' Remix)
2.  Richard Dinsdale feat. Wray - Pulling Me Under (Original Mix)
3.  Bob Sinclair - Yes You Are (Mylo Mix)
4.  LCD Soundsystem - Time to Get Away (Gucci Soundsystem Remix)
5.  Mark Knight feat. Luciana - Party Animal (Rene Amesz Remix)
6.  Funkerman - Speed Up (Patric La Funk Remix)
7.  Mark Knight and Funkagenda feat. Dru - Runnin (Done or Dusted Instrumental Mix)
8.  Dave Kurtis - Funky Nassau
9.  Kaskade - Sorry (Dirty South Remix)

Party for the Weekend: the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 6!

Hey everyone, hope everyone is looking forward to this weekend of partying and now, the DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 6 with some great house music.  Some amazing house club essentials in this set so turn it up and play it loud.  Enjoy!

diplomatico - DU8SHOW Podcast Episode 6 (Main Set)
Genre: House
Time: 59:08
Download Link:

Playlist coming soon!

DU8SHOW Exclusives: Underground Sessions Sets!

New sets in this week with a nice mix of everything house and electro.  Underground sets are usually representative of the variety featured in my live sets so mashups are likely.  Pushing vocals to the max and wresting the heavy electro synth lines make for a nice vibe as electro is hardly played like this anymore.  Sorry, they're a little late to the party but that's only because there are more mixes coming in his week! Enjoy.

diplomatico - DU8SHOW
Underground Electro Sessions (September 2010)
Genre: Electro House
Time: 52:52
diplomatico - DU8SHOW
Underground House Sessions (September 2010)

Genre: House
Time: 28:19

Tracklists coming soon!